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Rowan Whimster Ceramicist  

My round-bodied bowls and jars echo the ceramic forms of prehistoric Wiltshire and Cornwall, but their eroded rims and bell-like chimes belong to an altogether more contemporary world.

The process begins with building a basic form from overlapping strips and coils of clay. Once this embryonic shape begins to dry, its mature form is developed through slow and contemplative sculpting, beating, scraping and impressing.

Sometimes the surface will be polished and burnished, but more often it will be scratched back to reveal the natural texture of the coarsely gritted clay with which I like to work.

I make little use of conventional glazes in my work. Instead, I rely on simple liquid clay slips coloured with metal oxides, the earthy colours of which complement the tactile stoniness of the underlying fired clay.

The slips are applied in layers, the final textures and tones achieved through repeated scraping and scratching-back. Final firing stabilises the coloured surfaces and transforms the porous clay to impervious stoneware.


2011 ‘Received Wisdom’, (joint exhibition), Arlington Arts, Newbury

2011 Bloomsbury Design, Judd Street, London (solo exhibition)

2010 ‘Fired Landscapes’ (joint exhibition), The Mount House, Marlborough College

2009 ‘A Quiet Knowledge’, (joint exhibition), Arlington Arts, Newbury

2008 ‘On the Edge’ (joint exhibition), West Ox Arts, Bampton, Oxfordshire

2008 ‘In Passing’ (joint exhibition), Arlington Arts, Newbury

2007 ‘Moods’ (mixed exhibition), Penningtons, Newbury

2004 ‘Memories and Markings’ (joint exhibition with Susie Whimster), Rochester Art Gallery, Kent

2002 Merriscourt Gallery, Oxfordshire (joint exhibition with Susie Whimster)


2007–2011 West Berkshire & North Hampshire Open Studios

1999–2006 Marlborough Open Studios


Benchmark, Hungerford

Bircham Gallery, Holt

Wine Street Gallery, Devizes






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